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  • "Arbutus By The Sea"

  • "Northern Night"

  • "Vancouver Island Sunset"

  • "Spirit Island"

  • "Outback Bear"

  • "Purple Mountain"

  • "Twin Falls"

  • "Under The Sea"

  • "Free Flight"

  • "Dawn Deer"

  • "Summer Nights"

  • "Toasty"

  • "Spyhop"

  • "It's Fall Y'all"

  • "Boos n' Cats"

  • "Christmas Day"

  • Wood Slab Xmas Ornaments (3 pkg/$35)

  • Christmas Cards (2 pkg/$35)

  • "Tropicana"

  • "Galaxy Night"

  • "Christmas Night"

  • "Under The Sea Simple"

  • "Sunset Flowers"

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All paintings created and owned by Paint With Kelsie. Works cannot be copied and/or distributed, or taught in person or online unless approved by the artist. Please contact for teaching rights to paintings.